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Jennifer Abrams

Jennifer Abrams

Being the Chief Experience Office in Your Setting: Creating Identity Safe and Inclusive Climate for Students with Unique Instructional Needs

We are all "CEOs" in our work and school settings, creating experiences for students daily. What can we educators do to make students, especially students with learning challenges, feel safe and welcome? What can we do to create environments where all students feel capable and competent? In this workshop session, participants will look at how to build their skill set at being a Chief Experience Officer and how to create identity safe and inclusive spaces and relationships for all.

Jennifer Abrams is a nationally recognized consultant on having hard conversations and effective collaboration skills. A former high school English teacher, Jennifer has become a "voice coach", teaching others how to best use their voices in a group, classroom, with a colleague, or as a supervisor. She has consulted internationally and presented at annual conferences such as Learning Forward, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and the New Teacher Center Annual Symposium. She is author of Having Hard Conversations and co-author of an upcoming book titled Generational Savvy: How to be Effective with Educators of All Generations.

Alyson Mike
Alyson Mike

Kathleen Kuhl

Kathleen Kuhl

e-Mentoring for New Special Education Teachers

The New Teacher Center’s e-Mentoring is an innovative national online mentoring program focused on supporting and retaining new special education teachers. Through eMSS, new and veteran teachers and university educators collaborate in an interactive community to advance high quality teaching for all students.

Alyson Mike and NE eMSS-SE participants talk about first year teaching experiences, importance of mentor support, and how to enroll in program for 2013-2014.

Alyson Mike currently serves as the Director of Online Professional Development for the New Teacher Center. She has over 20 years of experience teaching science to high needs middle school and high school students and has performed many key roles in the e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) on-line mentoring program. Her accomplishments include active involvement in statewide science education service, National Board Certification, and the honor of being selected Montana's Teacher of the Year in 2004. Alyson’s area of interest is professional learning, with a particular focus on supporting beginning teachers in rural areas through online technology.

Kathleen Kuhl was born and raised in Blair, Ne. She graduated from Peru State College with  elementary education degree and early childhood degree and is working toward learning her special education endorsement. Kathleen is currently an early childhood special education teacher with Columbus Public Schools and loves her job.

Moeller, Dunn, O'Neill, Smidt

Tim O'Neill, Janet Moeller, Alexa Smidt, Erin Dunn

Panel Presentation: How to Succeed in Life with a Learning Disability

In this interactive panel session, participants will hear from a college instructor with 25 years of experience working with students with disabilities and 4 years’ experience working in higher education, and three student presenters with specific learning disabilities, each having GPAs of 3.5 or higher.  The panel will share current research information, their personal struggles, strategies and techniques for success, and ideas for educators to promote graduation.

Janet Moeller is currently a special education instructor at Chadron State College and working toward a Doctorate degree in Administration and Higher Education. She previously served as a special education director and has taught in several states at grade levels ranging from preschool through high school including special education. 

Erin Dunn has lived on ranches near Winner, South Dakota and Valentine, Nebraska.  She attended Kewanee Country School through the eighth grade and then was active in sports  academic, and music programs at Valentine High School. Currently a senior at Chadron State College, Erin is involved in Social Sciences Club, Cardinal Key National Honors Society,           Teammates Mentoring, intermural sports and Women’s Choir.  She will soon earn her Secondary Education degree with a Social Sciences Endorsement.   Her career plans include obtaining a master’s degree in Special Education or Administration.

Tim O’Neill began his photography career in high school then trained as a photojournalist in the US Navy. He is the founder and CEO of Tim O’Neill Studio and Prosperity Publishing Global.  He has studied fine art, marketing, personal development, and entrepreneurship and also owned various franchises and start-ups in several industries. Tim recently earned his Education Degree at Chadron State College and has taught extensively in business and online adult education.  He is often asked to speak about entrepreneurship, urban homesteading, art, and learning differences.

Alexa Smidt lived in Colorado Springs, moved to Nebraska, and graduated from North Platte High School.  Currently a student at Chadron State College, Alexa is majoring in Early Childhood Development with an endorsement in Special Education. Her future plans include serving as an early childhood teacher or a special education teacher. She also intends to earn a masters degree in special education or child psychology and work with children having special needs.

On Track for Learning with TAKE 5
The TAKE 5 Program uses breathing practices, concentration techniques, exercise/movement, and conflict resolution tools to cope with stress and increase learning outcomes.  Enjoy participating in a few exercises that will leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated, and ready for optimal learning.

Got Stress? TAKE 5!
Participants in this session will learn about a program that helps students, teachers, and parents better control their emotions and behavior when experiencing stress.  Addressing issues such as obesity, self-abuse, bullying, and violent behavior, this program is easy to learn, teach, and use.  Find out how you can model and teach respect for personal space and high-level concentration. The methods include breathing practices, concentration techniques, exercise/movement, and conflict-resolution tools. Understanding that we are powerful, not powerless has a major impact on focus, academic achievement, and nonviolent behavior.  Note: Some light stretching activities will be involved if you choose to participate.

Sheila Palmquist is owner and director of the Lincoln Yoga Center.  She has 12 years of experience instructing yoga for children and adults as well as training instructors. Sheila has recently brought yoga practice to students, educators, and parents to enhance learning, relationships, and whole health.  Through her efforts, the Calming Kids Program has been shared with both elementary and middle school teachers.  Also, more than 800 children and youth participated in Yoga through a partnership between the Lincoln Yoga Center and Lincoln Parks and Recreation this summer.  Finally, Sheila has provided inservice training to educators in schools and helped integrate Yoga into curriculum.   Her research based Take Five Program is currently part of a study being conducted through the University of Nebraska.