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Handouts21st CCLC

Being the Chief Experience Officer in Your Setting: Creating Identity Safe andInclusive climates for Students with Unique Instructional Needs
(Jennifer Abrams)

On Track for learning with TAKE 5
(Sheila Palmquist)

Conversations with New Teachers and Lessons Learned
(Alyson Mike and panelists)

A Place for All Students
(Katrina Bescheinen & Lori Zit
IEP at a glance
Pass Along Portfolio

FBA to BIP - Functional Behavioral Assessments to Behavior Intervention Plans
(Sally Carlson)

Got Stress? TAKE5!
(Sheila Palmquist)

Utilizing Paraprofessionals - What are the Legal and Ethical Issues Involved?
(Stan Vasa & Marjorie Bisbee)

Building Quality Positive Environments: Tools for Your Behavior
(Jean Anderson)

IEPs - More than Just Paperwork
(Torri Ortiz Lienemann)

How to Be A Great Teacher to All Your Students
(Nicholas Kleve)

Free Technology to Differentiate Instruction
(Donna Montgomery & Camie West)

How to Succeed in Life with a Learning Disability
(Janet Moeller, Erin Dunn, Tim O'Neill & Alexa Smidt)
Cradle to Prision Pipeline Factsheet Nebraska