Using the Toolkit

Family & Community Engagement: The Four Phases

-Creating the Profile

-Setting the Goals

-Planning to Improve

-Implementing the Plan

Guiding Questions


-Guiding Questions

-Program Requirements (PDF)
-Targeting Areas of Low
-Community Involvement Strategies
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Topic Guides for CIP Plans

Equity and Diversity

Family & Community Engagement

Instructional Strategies

Nebraska Literacy Plan

PreK-12 Curriculum Alignment

Special Education: Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD)


Improvement Plan Requirements


Early Childhood

The Nebraska Framework:
A Handbook for Continuous Improvement in Nebraska Schools

Nebraska Statewide Assessment (NeSA)

Professional Development, Data Resources, and Links

Rule 10

State of the Schools Report

Nebraska Department of Education

US Department of Education


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Implementing the Plan


Review the baseline family/community engagement data collected when the Profile was created. What were the major goals/objectives of your action plan? Has progress been documented? Using the same assessment tools, with the same partners (staff, families and community members) to represent multiple perspectives, do a re-evaluation. Examine results in all areas and sub-areas. Reflect on individual strategies/practices to determine which were the most effective. Share and discuss the evaluation with your team, as the results become more meaningful when observed from different perspectives. Be sure to include family members. If goals are accomplished, set new ones, or extend the goal a little higher.

As you implement it is not necessary to wait until the end of the year to evaluate. Ongoing evaluation provides timely feedback. Check continually, reflecting on the progress (or lack of progress) and adjusting the plan or the strategies. For example, if staff recorded contacts with families on a documentation log as a means of improving 2-way communication, those could be reviewed monthly by staff. Continually share progress with staff, families and the community; request feedback and celebrate!

Guiding Questions

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