Using the Toolkit

Technology: The Four Phases

-Creating the Profile

-Setting the Goals

-Planning to Improve

-Implementing the Plan



Topic Guides for CIP Plans

Equity and Diversity

Family & Community Engagement

Instructional Strategies

Nebraska Literacy Plan

PreK-12 Curriculum Alignment

Special Education: Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD)


Improvement Plan Requirements


Early Childhood

The Nebraska Framework:
A Handbook for Continuous Improvement in Nebraska Schools

Nebraska Statewide Assessment (NeSA)

Professional Development, Data Resources, and Links

Rule 10

State of the Schools Report

Nebraska Department of Education

US Department of Education


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Implementing the Plan

No matter how good the plan, it is in the follow-through where it shines – to be effective requires monitored implementation.  It is leadership’s role to assure that good planning takes place, and to monitor the implementation, understand the value that it brings to the continuous improvement process, and evaluate whether or not the actions are achieving desired outcomes. It is also leadership’s role to create the conditions for success including supportive behavior and access to resources.


One of the reasons the online technology plan uses the term “actions” rather than goals or strategies, is to give emphasis to the need to do something.  The tool provides a simple evaluation table to identify whether or not progress has been made in completing a listed action and thus achieving the desired goal(s).  If no progress was made, the organization should consider refining its action(s).

Little or
No Progress
Goal has been

Evaluation provides the organization with a way to understand how affective it has been in implementing the plan, where it stands in progress toward meeting its goals, and whether or not the defined action is right for the organization.  Milestone reports are useful in demonstrating effective use of resources and the need to continue or rethink the direction that the plan is taking.  Review and realignment, especially in the ever-changing world of technology, is essential.




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