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Creating the Profile

It is important to understand the current status of the organization in order to plan for improvements.  Technology is one of many areas that play an important role in the classroom as well as administration of an organization.  In the technology planning tool several sections help to form the organization’s technology profile that provides information about the overall status of technology in the organization.  Communication tools; core systems for the collection, storage, and management of staff and student data; inventory of devices available for staff and students use; as well as a self-assessment of essential technology conditions ranging from technical support to accountability are available in the technology planning tool. While the technology planning tool includes several data collection elements, it may not include all of the elements that address the way your organization works. 

Critical Components

Facilities Inventorythe term “facilities” in this case refers to services at the organization level that are usually contracted from a provider and includes Internet access and transportation bandwidth, and voice and data circuits.  It also includes core applications utilized by the organization as well as whether those applications are owned by the organization or a shared/purchased service.  Not included in the facilities inventory in the online tool are various types of equipment that make available these services to all parts of the organization such as switches, routers, servers, wired/wireless infrastructure, climate control, back-up systems etc. Do not forget these important items as they are important in technology planning efforts.

Building Technology Inventoryincludes the building level data bandwidth as well as computer and mobile device inventories for instructional and managerial purposes.  Other elements not included in the online technology plan tool that the organization may wish to inventory are interactive media boards, mobile distance learning carts, projectors, and other devices that provide a fuller picture of the organization’s technology profile.

Rubric of Essential Technology Conditions the online rubric is based on the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide. The technology planning tool provides a series of conditions to be evaluated in each of the following subject areas, and provides a graphic display of the indictor in each area. The graphic reveals areas of high achievement as well as areas that need improvement.

Technology Administration and Support


Learners and Learning

Educator Competencies and Professional Development

Technology Capacity


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