Using the Toolkit

Getting Started

The Four Phases of CIP Plans

Creating the Profile

Setting the Goals

Planning to Improve

Implementing the Plan

Topic Guides for CIP Plans

Equity and Diversity

Family & Community Engagement

Instructional Strategies

Nebraska Literacy Plan

PreK-12 Curriculum Alignment

Special Education: Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD)


Improvement Plan Requirements


Early Childhood

The Nebraska Framework:
A Handbook for Continuous Improvement in Nebraska Schools

Nebraska Statewide Assessment (NeSA)

Professional Development, Data Resources, and Links

Rule 10

State of the Schools Report

Nebraska Department of Education

US Department of Education


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Thinking About School Improvement

Continuous school improvement encourages a coordinated, focused school-wide approach through which those who work in schools can carry out society’s trust and demonstrate that this trust is well placed.

Continuous Improvement Leadership

The district administrative team and an appointed steering committee have primary responsibility for leading, coordinating, and monitoring the continuous improvement process. 

Critical Components



Nebraska Department of Education, 2010