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Management System Use of Data

Effective School Counseling programs are data driven. Data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted in order to make program improvements.

Use of Data Criteria

  • Student achievement data is collected and sorted
  • Student achievement related data is collected and sorted
  • School Counseling program standards/competencies data are collected and sorted
  • School Counselors are accountable for monitoring progress of students
  • Students have a way to check on their own progress
  • Establishment of a system of monitoring, gathering, and recording data
  • Several variables of data sorting are used
  • Data is systemically analyzed to determine current student status
  • School Counseling competency attainment are contrasted with national standards and research
  • Identified needs from the data may become priority areas to address closing-the-gap activities and school improvement activities

Use of Data and Closing the Gap

Identifying the needs of the program will be accomplished when the current results are compared with the desired goals of the program. The discrepencies should become priorities for the school counseling program.

Tools for Use of Data

  1. National Report Card (Outside Link)

  2. State Report Card (NDE Link)

  3. ACT Data (Outside Link)

  4. Nebraska Student Risk/Protective Data (Outside Link)