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Delivery System System Support

System support consists of activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the total school counseling program.

System Support Criteria

  • Professional Development
  • School Counseling Program Development
  • School Improvement Involvement
  • Data gathering, documentation, analysis, and action planning
  • Parental Involvement
  • Community Outreach

Tools for System Support

  1. Presentation for Administrators (PowerPoint)

  2. ASCA Partners in Achievement (PowerPoint)

  3. School Counseling Brochure (PDF)

  4. Perkins Collaborative Resource Network (Outside Link)

  5. American School Counselor Association (Outside Link)

  6. Nebraska Counseling Association (Outside Link)

  7. Nebraska School Counselor Association (Outside Link)

Data Resources

  1. Nebraska State of the Schools Report Cards (NDE Link)

  2. ACT Research and Policy Issues (Outside Link)