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Delivery System Individual Student Planning

Individual Student Planning consists of school counselors coordinating on going systemic activities designed to assist the individual student in establishing personal goals, academic planning and/or career planning.

Individual Student Planning Criteria

  • There is a system wide approach to helping students and parents make appropriate education and career plans.
  • There is a system wide approach to helping students and parents understand the results of standardized and individual assessments.
  • Each student starting in the middle grades has a long range educational plan/outline in place.
  • Individual Career & Education plan before registering for high school (9th Grade).
  • Individual planning includes: individual appraisal, advisement and appropriate student placement.
  • Accurate, appropriate and effective materials are distributed to support idividual planning efforst of students and their parents.
  • A comprehensive career information system is available to students.

Tools for Individual Student Planning

  1. Personal Learning Plan (PowerPoint)

  2. Personal Learning Plan brochure (PDF)

  3. Personal Learning Plan goal setting guide (PDF)

  4. Cirriculum for Careers brochure (PDF)

  5. Nebraska Sample Personal Learning Plans (NDE Link)

  6. Nebraska Career Connections (Outside Link)

  7. Missouri Guidence & Placement lessons (Outside Link)

  8. Career Cluster Interest Checklist (PDF)

  9. States' Career Cluster Initiative (Outside Link)