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Foundation Local State National Standards

Goals are an extension of the mission. Standards focus on the results students will achieve. In Nebraska, the goals/standards are called "Essential Learning," which are centered around three domains: academic development, career development, and personal/social development. The three domains are also known as learning, earning and living goals.

Local/State/National Standards Criteria

  • Essential Learning/Goals/Standards have been written for the K-12 school counseling program
  • Essential Learning/Goals/Standards reflect national, state, and local criteria
  • Identifies a framework for organization of school counseling program lessons and activities
  • Identifies the developmental structure for K-12 program and what is to be measured


Competencies are knowledge, attitudes, or skills that are observable and can be transferred from a learning situation to a real life situation and can have measurable results. Competencies are directly related to the Essential Learning/Goals/Standards in the school counseling program.

Competencies/Indicators Criteria:

  • Competencies directly relate to the 3 domains of academic, career, and personal/social development
  • Developmentally appropriate student competencies are specified for each grade level
  • Competency selection is based on data and are measurable or observable
  • Competencies are a direct link in the relationship between the school counseling mission, the school districts educational mission and expected students results

Adapted from the ASCA National Model & the Nebraska School Counseling Guide

Tools for Local/State/National Standards

  1. Nebraska Career Development Curriculum Chart (PDF) or (Word)

  2. Nebraska Academic Curriculum Chart (PDF) or (Word)

  3. Nebraska Personal/Social Curriculum Chart (PDF) or (Word)