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Accountability Results Reports

Reporting student growth is critical in a comprehensive developmental school-counseling program. It is the key to proving whether the school-counseling program is working. Resulting results will tell stakeholders how students have changed because of the program. It is vitally important to report data on how the school-counseling program improves student achievement and contributes to school improvement/closing-the-gap goals.

Results Reports Criteria

  • Established timeline for reporting data on results of the program
  • All students are included in the results data
  • Administration is actively involved in the plan for results reporting
  • Results are reported in all 3 domains: academic, career, and personal/social development
  • Process data are collected
  • Perception data are collected
  • Results data are collected and disaggregated
  • Immediate, intermediate and over-time data is collected and reviewed
  • Results are reported to counselors, advisory council, administration and all stakeholders
  • Results are analyzed and used to improve the program
  • Results state what student will demonstrate
  • All students are included in results
  • Counselors have identified specific results they are accountable for
  • Plans are shared with the Advisory Council and administration
  • Action plans are completed in the spring for the next school year

Tools for Results Reports

  1. Yearly Results Report form. (PDF) or (Word)

  2. Results Over Time. (PDF) or (Word)