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Delivery System Responsive Services

Responsive Services in the School Counseling program are activities that meet the immediate needs of students and their families. These services can be initiated through the school counselor, by the student, parent, teacher, or administration.

Responsive Services Criteria

  • Every student K-12 receives prevention education to address life choices in academic, career, and personal/social development
  • Students are assisted in solving immediate problems that interfere with career, academic, personal, and social development
  • A referral plan and a referral resource is available for persons seeking community agencies for assistance such as mental health, employment, and training programs, juvenile services, education, or social services
  • Individual and small group counseling is available
  • Crisis response plan is in place and used
  • Consultation/collaboration is used
  • There is a plan for interventions when needed

Referral Resources & Tools for Responsive Services

  1. Referal Form (PDF) or (Word)

  2. United Way of the Midlands (Outside Link)

  3. Columbus (Nebraska) Collaborative Team Directory (Outside Link)

  4. Focus Adolescent Services - Nebraska (Outside Link)

  5. Nebraska Client Assistant Program (CAP) (Outside Link)

  6. Community Action of Nebraska (Outside Link)

  7. The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families (Outside Link)