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Management System Action Plans

Action Plans are agreed upon student results goals for the year. The action plans address school counseling curriculum and school improvement or closing-the-gap competencies. The action plan, which is this year's focus, also addresses the needs of the students discovered by the data collected.

Action Plan Criteria

  • Determined by the school counseling team during a planning meeting
  • Aligned with the program's goals and competencies
  • Address all 3 domains: academic, career, and personal/social development
  • Plans include:
  • ◦domain
    ◦standard and competency
    ◦description of lesson materials to be used
    ◦data/time to be completed
    ◦who is responsible for delivery
    ◦how it will be evaluated
    ◦expected result

  • Action plans are completed in the spring for the next school year
  • Written action plans are on file with director of school counseling program

Tools for Action Plans

  1. School Counseling Program Action Plan Form: (PDF) or (Word)

  2. Action Plan for Closing the Gap/School Improvement Goals Form: (PDF) or (Word)