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Assessment Team

Dr. Valorie Foy, Director
Phone: 402.471.2495 Fax: 402.471.4311

Jeremy Heneger, Assistant Director
Phone: 402.471.2818 Fax: 402.471.4311

Dr. John Moon, NeSA Project Manager
Phone: 402.471.1685 Fax: 402.471.4311

Dr. Edward Foy, Statewide Writing Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 402.471.2947 Fax: 402.471.4311

Kim Snyder, NAEP Coordinator

Phone: 402.471.2959 Fax: 402.742.8302

Mollie Rappl, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 402.471.2495 Fax: 402.471.4311

Tammi Peterman, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 402.471.4332 Fax: 402.471.4311

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NDE Help Desk

To reach the NDE Help Desk, please call: 888.285.0556 or e-mail:

Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)

NeSA Customer Service: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST

Toll Free: 866.342.6280

DRC Fax: 763.268.2540

NDE Customer Service:

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