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Afterschool News
This SEDL National Center for Quality Afterschool newsletter summarizes a study on the current landscape of promising afterschool high school programs. 

Afterschool: The Challenges of Recruiting and Retaining Older Youth
This brief by Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, addresses recruiting and retaining older youth in afterschool programs. 

Building Bridges A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding
This book is designed for adaption by teachers in grades 6-12 and provides lessons to help students better understand culture, how it has shaped them, the perspective of other cultures, a respect for those who are different, and an increased awareness of the value and practicality of social service.

Challenges and Opportunities in After-School Programs: Lessons for Policymakers and Funders
This brief report describes program realities and discusses issues that policymakers need to think through when shaping their after-school initiatives. (See pages 9-10)

Exploring Quality in Afterschool Programs for Middle School Students
This Harvard Family Research Project brief describes some of the key issues and challenges in providing quality programs for middle school-age youth and discusses how program quality standards can be used to improve them.

Family Involvement in Middle and High School Students' Education
This Harvard Family Research Project brief overviews research studies that link family involvement in middle and high school to youth's academic and social outcomes, programs that promote family involvement and student achievement during this development period, as well as implications for policy, practice and research.

What Does Your High School After School Program Look Like?
This newsletter summarizes characteristics of successful high school afterschool programs.


21st Century Civics
This website is the creation of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O Connor and is designed to engage middle-school-aged children in civics (education, law, entertainment and technology experts developed the free web-based curriculum).

Culture Matters
This cross-cultural workbook, designed for classrooms from 8th grade to college, was developed by the Peace Corps to help volunteers acquire the knowledge and skills to work successfully in other cultures.

For middle-school students, who may think college is a long way off, this website helps direct them to start thinking about college: the benefits of going to college, what steps can be taken now to prepare, and how to get help.

Margaret Haddix
Margaret Peterson Haddix's website features discussion guides her titles, bonus information for two books and a suggested reading list by grade level.

Summer Bridge Programs
This policy brief focuses on one type of activity that is designed to help eigth-grade students make a successful transition to high school- summer bridge programs. 

ThinkQuest is a learning environment for primary and secondary schools, offering projects, competition as well as a library of educational resources.

World Affairs Council
The Global Classroom section connects teachers and students with international resources, ideas, and people and offers lesson plans related to world politics, history, geography and economics.